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BCH4024 Exam 1 Session 1 - 3 Available Now Study Edge Apps
BCH4024 Exam 2 Session 4 -6 Available Now Study Edge Apps
BCH4024 Exam 3 Session 7 - 10 Available Now Study Edge Apps
BCH4024 Exam 4 Session 11 - 13 Available Now Study Edge Apps
BCH4024 Exam 4 Session 14 (Online Only) Wed 12/04 @ 10:00 a.m. Study Edge Apps
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If you are in need of help in Biochem, you are in the right place! Jenn and Peter Scott, the Study Experts for this class, have over 20 years of combined experience tutoring Biochemistry for thousands of UF students. Together they have spent years developing the best review materials for this class. With live and online Chapter Reviews, Practice Problems, and Short Concept Videos, you’ll get exactly what you need to succeed in this class.  Ready to get started? If you want to attend an In-person Review Session, just show up 15 minutes before the review session, no need to pre-register. If you have never been to an In-person Review Session at Study Edge, or you have never purchased a Study Edge membership, you can come to an In-person Review Session for FREE! Click here for a coupon. Questions? Visit our FAQ. To learn more about these services and memberships, go to our Pricing Page.

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Peter Scott

Biochemistry and Biology

Jenn Worthington

Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Government

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