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Join us Friday, July 10th from 4 to 6 p.m. or Sunday, July 12th from 2 to 4 p.m. for our Virtual Open House, where you can see our building and ask our Study Experts any questions you have.

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This is a Diet Edge course, meaning that it's a lighter version of what Study Edge normally provides. Diet Edge still includes online concept videos and downloadable practice problems to help you master your class! So, what's different? This course does NOT have review sessions, it is not professor-specific like our normal services, and there is not a Class Wall on which to ask your questions. This is like any other diet: you'll have everything you need, just less of the sweet stuff!

This course is FREE! (under re-construction)

Unfortunately, our resources for ACG3101 are not quite up to the standard level we like here at Study Edge.

So, while we work on improving this course, we are offering our existing resources 100% FREE to ALL users!

In the Spring, we’re hoping to provide improved resources, and then this course will require a paid membership, like normal.  If you have any other classes with Study Edge this Fall, you will need a paid membership to access the resources for those courses.


So what is available this Fall for FAR1?

In the past, our Study Experts have created a ton of practice questions because that’s what students told us they are most lacking in this class. For each chapter, there will be a packet that you can pick up at the Study Edge building, with accompanying online Chapter Review videos.  Also, for each exam, there will be a packet available with tons of practice problems for you to try out, along with video solutions for all of them.   These will all be available at the beginning of the semester, so you can study at your own pace.

Questions? Visit our FAQ. To learn more about these services and memberships, go to our Pricing Page.

Our Services for this course

Diet Edge

Diet Edge includes online concept videos and downloadable practice problems to help you master your class.

Meet your Study Experts for this course

Our Study Experts analyze, organize and write content specific to your subject to best prepare you for the exam.

Stumped on a problem? Study Experts hold class-specific Study Hours around campus to help you get the answer!

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