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We are focused on a continuous learning model, as opposed to hosting cram sessions a few days before an exam. This method better serves students and ultimately assists them in truly mastering class content. Study Edge offers services for many historically difficult courses. Across the country, these are commonly courses in chemistry, economics, mathematics, statistics, and physics, just to name a few. At the University of Florida, which has an all student average GPA of 3.30, students who are Study Edge members have an average GPA of 3.53 (based on nearly 10,000 membership submissions)!

Research has shown that students do not perceive studying as cool. This negative connotation associated with studying is preventing students from reaching their full potential. We have made it our goal at Study Edge to make studying a cool, social activity for students by creating a Study Edge Facebook page, as well as a Facebook, iPhone/iPad, and Android apps. Our presence on Facebook will integrate studying and class discussions into a prominent medium students are already using for socializing.

Concept material that is available 24/7

Throughout the semester, we offer Exam review sessions, Chapter review sessions, Study Hours, and online videos and practice problems to supplement professor instruction and aid students beyond what is available via on campus resources. One of our most popular services, Study Hours, allows students to study independently or with classmates while our Study Experts circulate the room, answering questions and guiding students as needed. Almost all of our Study Hours are held in the late afternoon or evening, which is when most students do their studying and on-campus resources are unavailable.

Study Edge provides study help at times when it is not possible for students to attend university-provided office hours. Our online videos and documents are available 24/7 through our Facebook and mobile apps. We also have a class wall on Facebook where students can post questions at any time and our Study Experts answer them; we even incentivize students to answer each other’s questions. We want students asking questions, as many students are intimidated to ask in a large lecture hall. We do NOT, however, answer quiz questions, do homework for students, or allow anonymous postings.

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* Tuition & Fees (average of in-state and out-of-state rates), Room and Board, & other college fees included. Source: U.S. News and World Report, 2011 (


At Study Edge, we do charge for our services, and we understand that many people believe tutoring should be free. Let’s use transportation as an example; taking the bus is free, yet many people still buy scooters and cars. There are people that use both modes of transportation though, and like those people, Study Edge encourages students to utilize all of the resources available to them; the free resources and our paid services, as they see fit. This graph illustrates the average cost of college education. Study Edge provides affordable study expertise and support that is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to both students and parents. On average, students report an expected full letter grade increase after using Study Edge services.