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…three of my classes on the single membership!

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… it’s made my life so much easier.

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Marissa Babitz


Study Edge helped me study for my classes more effectively by engaging me in the material and breaking down concepts in a much simpler way. The videos made me feel like I was getting a one-on-one lesson, which is something I felt like I was lacking in my mostly lecture-style classes. Best of all, Study Edge was able to work with me and customize the material to fit my class syllabus. I knew that wherever I was in the material in class, the videos would correspond with what I needed to study. Thanks to Study Edge, I not only passed some of my most difficult classes, but I also gained confidence going into each of my exams because I knew I was prepared.

Phoebe Parker


Study edge saved my life in my gened macro economics class. Being a non-business major having to take macroeconomics was extremely intimidating. However, study edge helped me get through my semester. The tutor walked me through specific principles and problems that I needed more practice with! The practice tests helped me prepare for my exams and if I got anything wrong I watched the solution video and mastered the concepts. The best part was I could use study edge anywhere, on my phone or online!

Megan Appelbaum


As a STEM student in college, it is important for me to excel in my science and math classes. Using Study Edge for General Chemistry 1 was the best decision I could have made. It was also a big reason I ended the course with an A as well. The course materials provided are extremely helpful in teaching you the basic and complex components in each lesson. This combination prepares you for each quiz, test, and final exam in your college course. I recommend Study Edge not only for its course materials, but also for its customer service. Shout-out to Rich, who was there with me through every exam I took. He was always encouraging me to work with him to get each test grade higher than the last.

Jonathan Lopez

Biomedical Engineering

Study Edge not only has helped me and my friends personally with finding success in difficult classes that seemed impossible, but also has helped my club avoid charging club fees for our students. With the aid of Study Edge we are able to host events and provide food at our meetings: we would not be able to host these events and not charge a fee without them. Much obliged Study Edge, thank you for letting us do both!

Lauren Milgram

Study Edge has been critical to my success throughout college. As a student on the pre health track Study Edge has simplified the concepts in even my most difficult classes, and done an excellent job of preparing me for exams

Alexa Luboff

Pre-Health Science

Study Edge is an exceptional tutoring and learning engagement service unlike any other. The ease and constant availability of communication with Study Experts and classmates facilitates a unique, enhanced learning experience. Not only does Study Edge simplify and effectively teach difficult material, it teaches students how to study, how to succeed, and to believe in themselves and their potential for success. This service eradicates the concept of a "weed-out" class! Study Edge is truly changing the field of education, one video and live review at a time.

Elena Pastore

Business Administration, Master of International Business

Study Edge has not only helped me excel in my classes throughout my collegiate career but has also taught me how to efficiently study. No matter the course, Study Edge has given me all of the tools I need to succeed academically.

Joel Divaker


Study Edge is an essential for college! They have great tutors who provide very helpful review sessions and they give you all the information in a comprehensive and effective study packet. Study Edge brought me from an average grade in Intro to Chem (a much easier class) to A’s in both Chem 1 and 2. Getting Study Edge is one of the best decisions you can make when you start college!

Zachary Leahy-Wilson


Study Edge does a great job with helping me do well on tests. Study Edge was a crucial help to me when studying for Business Statistics because of the videos and copies of previous exams that were on the Study Edge Facebook App. I wouldn’t have received the grade in that class that I did without Study Edge.

Michael Goldman

The fact that Study Edge is available to me not only through live sessions but recordings online is a huge help. I'm sitting poolside at my home in Ft. Myers at the start of spring break, yet I am able to finish up the last bit of schoolwork necessary with their help. Videos are to the point and cover everything I need for my classes.

Curtis Pattilo

Construction Management

Great tutoring service that is absolutley 100% worth your time and money. I saw an exponential increase in my grades after I began using Study Edge. It really helps you prepare well for all your exams and quizzes. The staff here is very friendly also and make it much easier to study. Would definitely recommend!

Jacob Gale

Nutritional Sciences (Pre-Dental)

Using Study Edge has made my studying efficient and truly beneficial. I don’t know what I would’ve done without it.

Elissa Waller


This is my fourth semester with a Study Edge subscription, and I will continue using Study Edge as long as they offer tutoring for classes I am enrolled in. Study Edge helps focus my study plan for each exam and has helped me develop my study habits for other classes that aren’t offered by the service. The tutors are funny, smart, professional, organized, timely, and make the miserable classes a little more bearable. I always get the $50 membership so that I have help all the way through the semester, and I don’t have to cram for the exams. I would recommend Study Edge to anybody who wants help in their classes or wants an easier way to learn. The tutors simplify the information down to its core so you can learn the most essential information. Finally, Study Edge somehow always knows exactly what’s going to be on the exam. I definitely trust Study Edge to help me succeed.

Savannah Hodges


Study Edge has helped me with all of my STEM classes throughout college. If I didn’t use Study Edge I’d probably fail everything. They’ve helped me learn the “why” behind my course material, not just the “how”. I love how easy the videos are to follow along with and how I can change the speeds. The app is really easy to navigate and understand. Plus, being able to see my tutor and the work we are studying at the same time makes me feel like I’m being tutored in person. Study Edge is the core reason I’ve passed my classes.

Emma Hancock


Study Edge has saved my life (and my GPA) time and time again. They break down complex concepts into words that are easily understandable. I use it to study before any exam I have, especially in chem and econ. They gave me confidence in my abilities to succeed and ace my exams. Study Edge is a mix of quizlet and Chegg but personalized to your specific class at whatever school you go to. It takes away the nerves of going to an in person tutor and actually teaches you the material instead of just throwing answers at you with no explanation. This has helped me an insane amount in the long run. Study Edge quelled my nerves about my exams and I always feel prepared.

Allison Gramer

Civil Engineering

Study Edge gives one the ability to become a confident learner. It is easy to become lost in a two hundred plus lecture hall, however, study edge makes sure each student gets the opportunity to express their questions and concerns. I wouldn’t have been able to survive my first year at college without it, and I am forever grateful for the tools that study edge provided to ensure my academic success.

Ali Bowlby

Political Science

Study Edge has greatly helped me in my courses at UF. As a liberal arts student required to take math classes, I found myself struggling at first but with Study Edge, I was able to learn the material and earn an A in the class.

Sedrick Osei Tutu


After my first attempt at Biochem I knew that I would need some help from another source other than the professor. A friend of mine in the class told me that he used Study Edge in order to prepare for everything. I decided to try it out and not only did I pass the class with an A, but I have been a loyal member for two years because it honestly makes a difference. Your future self will thank you, I promise you.

Shreya Patel

Study Edge helped me get all As this semester! They’re shorter clips than the other tutoring services allowing you to get the most important concepts down while you’re still paying attention. I love how it has an app so you can watch videos on the go and the tutors aren’t monotone so you’ll actually enjoy learning. I never go in worried about not being prepared enough for my tests!

Kaylee Davis


Study Edge changed the way I study and understand the concepts. The Study Experts break down the topics in a way that college students can understand and my test grades show it!

Summer Levinson

Marketing, Master of International Business

Study Edge helped me combat one of the hardest classes of my college career. From providing me with numerous practice questions to detailed how-to videos, Study Edge allowed me to not only pass my class but also taught me how to efficiently and effectively study.

Nicole Kantor

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience

When I was taking General Chemistry 1, I started out without using Study Edge and was doing extremely poorly. I found that when I started using Study Edge, my thoughts were more organized and I was able to recognize patterns easier than I was able to before. The videos are online so they are accessible at any time and have always been useful for me.

Sabrina Lopez

A Study Edge membership is imperative if you want to pass your classes. I took a class without Study Edge, ended up dropping it, and I passed it when I retook it while using Study Edge. The tutors are absolutely wonderful: they know their subjects and they make the material interesting, instead of the professors who tend to just drone on about nothing. Study Edge also provides an incredible amount of review material to make sure that you understand it. I highly recommend the service to anyone who needs any of the classes they offer tutoring for

Robby Holihan


As a transfer student, my friends instantly told me that Study Edge was an absolute must for my classes. I was skeptical at first but after getting an A in Business Stats with half of the effort I was expecting to put in, I was sold!

Matt S

Peter- I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being my Microeconomics teacher this semester. I want you to know that I did not watch ONE lecture that Dr. Rush put up (I do not even know what he sounds like.) I also did not read the book. All I did was go to your chapter reviews/ exam reviews and I got an A- in the class. Thank you for saving me A LOT of time this semester and for teaching me (and others) Microeconomics. Keep doing your thing dude.

Lily Wyche

Business Management

I’m involved in several different students groups on campus which teaches me incredible leadership skills. When it comes to studying, Study Edge is there for me on my time, which is key. I can study at any time of the day and watch the videos as many times as I need. I got an A in Economics because of the Study Edge videos and study guides

Ana Arnillas


Study Edge has helped me find a balance between a busy course load and involvement opportunities throughout school. It is a guaranteed life-saver for your major classes.

Shelby Luckey


Study Edge’s recorded videos of the review sessions have saved my life because I’m the kind of person who really enjoys active reviews that engage students on my own time. Study Edge truly provided me with a super flexible method of reviewing and solidifying my knowledge of the material and mastering it before the exam.

Abby Preiser

Industrial & Systems Engineering

Having Study Edge gave me peace of mind when I was going through those difficult engineering courses. Looking back, I’m not sure I would have been able to do it without that extra help.

Isabelle Langner

Information Systems

The tutors at Study Edge are really talented at keeping their audience engaged and making the material interesting to learn. They cater to each student and provide a wealth of information relevant for each exam. Study Edge’s online platform also makes studying very convenient and accessible. My subscription with their service has really made the academic side of my college experience a less stressful one.

Andy H


Thanks for all the help you guys did for us. I was able to finish Orgo strong with an A-

Jean Corvington

Nutritional Sciences(Pre med)

Going into my Physics 2 class, I was merely hoping to finish off the semester with a passing grade. Thanks to Study Edge, I didn’t just pass, I ended up with an A- which is something I never imagined would be possible.

Rachel LeBar


My freshman fall, I wasn’t quite prepared for how hard some of the classes at college would be. I most definitely would have failed Stats 1 if I hadn’t found out about Study Edge.

Saul Velez

Business Administration

Study Edge has drastically reduced the amount of study time needed for my business classes by providing me with the information and resources needed for the exams. This has allowed me to take on leadership positions that require more work in various organizations and to pursue different interests and hobbies outside of school.

Madeline Coleman

Applied Physiology and Kinesiology (Pre-Med)

In high school, I didn’t have access to a resource like Study Edge, and was comfortable learning independently. However, during my first semester as a pre-medical student, I quickly learned how overwhelming my science and math courses were, and knew my study habits would need an adjustment if I wanted to earn a high GPA. I have always struggled in math, and with the help of Study Edge that first semester I was able to turn my B+ in pre-calculus into an A. I had never taken a physics course in high school, and became worried when I heard that Physics 1 and 2 were weed out classes for pre-medical students. Again, with the help of Study Edge, I managed to get an A in both of those courses. The Study Edge tutors are experts in their subjects and know how to prepare students to succeed in their classes in an efficient way. If I got stuck on a problem, instead of wasting valuable study time dwelling on it, I could quickly watch a video explaining the solution and then move on. I am currently a senior and have been using Study Edge since freshman year, and I can truly say that it has impacted my study habits and grades for the better.

Abby Lowder

Applied Physiology and Kinesiology

Prior to using Study Edge for Chem 1, I struggled with overall concepts and simple math mistakes. After I started using Study Edge, I was no longer making as many errors and actually began to grasp different chemistry concepts as a whole. Both Rich and Peter broke down every process to ensure that we as students could master it ourselves. I have seen major improvements not only in my letter grade, but in my overall understanding of the subject as well!

Ryan Wiele


I've been using Study Edge since fall of my freshman year and 5 semesters later I'm as loyal as ever to the service. The tutors are fantastic and incredible at taking complicated material and laying it out in layman's terms that any student would be able to comprehend. Quite frankly, I can't imagine my college experience without using Study Edge.

Shivangi Patel

Information Systems

Before I knew what Study Edge was, I was doing well in my classes, but I wasn’t getting the grades I wanted and was stressing out too much. After I started using Study Edge, I realized how much easier they make it to study and comprehend the class material. All the tutors I’ve had so far have taught me as much or possibly even more than my professors have. I now finish studying for my classes in a significantly less amount of time and get better grades too. I’ve taken over 10 courses with Study Edge that range from science to business classes and it has been an essential academic supplement and is the reason I’ve done so well at college so far.