Study Smarter, Not Harder

Here at Study Edge, we don’t stop at just helping you prepare for exams;
we give you the tools and flexibility to be successful on your own terms.

We help you get better grades in your University of Florida classes with less time spent studying.

Stressed about your upcoming midterms? Still can’t seem to get the hang of supply vs. demand curves? Or just really need to get that “A” in organic chemistry to get into med school? We can help! By offering live review sessions right across from campus, creating video content and study guides specific to your professor, and delivering this to you 24/7 through our Facebook, iPhone/iPad, and Android apps, we’ve developed the best way for college students to increase their understanding of course material and perform better on exams.

Currently, we cover “historically difficult” courses in 30 individual subjects such as chemistry, economics, mathematics, accounting, and physics. On top of that, many of the courses we cover are “gatekeeper courses,” or ones that students must pass in order to pursue a particular major.

Exam Review Sessions

Our Study Experts analyze, organize, &
write content specific to your subject
to best prepare you for the exam.

Chapter Review Sessions

All of the concepts covered in the
chapter are explained to ensure
that you understand the material.

Study Hours

Stumped on a problem? Study Experts hold class-specific Study Hours around campus to help you get the answer!

Our content is comprehensive and includes everything from practice problems to Exam Reviews.

We know that everyone learns differently, and so we’ve developed content to meet the needs of all kinds of learners. All of our material is created by our Study Experts, who have spent years not only becoming experts in their respective areas, but also teaching the material so students can study smarter – not harder!

Review Sessions are offered in one of two formats depending on your course: live and in-person, or on video through our Facebook and mobile apps. For many classes, Study Experts have also created textbook solutions, old exam solutions, individual concept explanations, solutions to sample questions, and more. Everything you need to succeed is available on the Study Edge Facebook and mobile apps! Check out the video above to see the type of videos found on our app!

Watch our reviews LIVE or access and stream our content 24/7 from anywhere through our Facebook and mobile apps.

The Study Edge building is located right across the street from campus; directly behind Jimmy Johns and Tijuana Flats. Click here for directions and parking information. All of our live reviews are also recorded and available for viewing on our Facebook Application along with other supplemental videos, which means it’s available wherever and whenever you need it. If you have a Facebook account, just simply add the Facebook Study Edge app, and you can begin watching our content immediately. You can also download the FREE iPhone/iPad app in the App Store and the Android app in the Google Play app store. When you first add the app, you automatically get 10 free tokens just for signing up. For more information about our pricing, please visit our Pricing page.