Frequently Asked Questions | Study Edge
  • How do I contact Study Edge?

    Call 888-97-STUDY , email , or drop into our Zoom room !

  • Why is Study Edge the best way to study?

    Because we have the best people. Period. The Study Experts and Staff at Study Edge work hard and love what they do. Our Study Experts have been helping students, on average, for more than 5 years. Our Study Experts are more than just tutors. They have spent years learning the best way to teach the material. It is a Study Expert’s job to know everything about the subject and teach you exactly what you need to know to succeed! We save you time studying and get you better grades at the same time by helping you understand the concepts faster and more easily. You can watch videos and complete practice problems when you want, and where you want.

  • What exactly is a ‘Review Session’?

    A Review Session, simply put, is the best way to study. Review Sessions break down all the information being covered in your class, concept by concept, with practice problems along the way. Are you having questions about a specific topic? Watch videos on the subject through our Facebook, iPhone/iPad, and Android apps. Study Edge is more than tutoring; we give you the EDGE! Our Study Experts analyze, organize, and write Study Materials specific to your subject to help you learn and understand the material, providing some entertainment along the way. Specific Study Materials will vary by course, but usually include video Exam Review Sessions, Chapter Review Sessions, concept videos, and practice problems. Exam Review Sessions typically last 3-4 hours and Chapter Review Sessions typically last 1-2 hours. For specific information, select ‘Review Schedule’ at the top and choose your class.

  • Can I try it before I buy it?

    Yes, everyone’s first In-person Review Session is FREE! Bring this coupon to your first In-person Review Session and it’s on us.

  • When is the next In-person Review Session?

    Check out the “Review Schedule” tab in the Study Edge apps or select your course from “Courses & Schedule” above for a copy of our upcoming schedule. You can even subscribe to a class calendar through our mobile apps so that you never miss a session.

  • When do the review packets become available?

    All of our packets are printed the day of the review and will be available for pick up when the building opens that morning. Download our mobile app before you get here and show any photo ID for quick and contactless check in!

  • What’s the deal with tokens?

    When you purchase a membership you get one month (30 days) to use tokens with the membership, they do not roll over, and if you cancel you lose all of the tokens you have. In other words, you must be an active member. We encourage people to use up their tokens before cancelling. Tokens NEVER roll over from month to month. So if you sign up for a Gold membership on January 1st, no matter how many tokens you didn’t use that month, your membership will only go back to 100 on February 1st. They will be charged automatically every 30 days. You can download our study guides and watch practice problems for 1 token each, whereas our Review Sessions require 15 tokens. Each video has a 6 hour viewing window. After the 6 hours you will have to unlock the video again with tokens to rewatch it. You can see your token usage and balance on your My Account page on the Facebook App. Since videos cost us money and we don’t run any ads to offset this cost, if you happen to run out of tokens you can always purchase more. However, if you’re willing to wait our tutors are very gracious in giving out tokens to students in need. All you need to do is email your (ex. as you get low on tokens, and our team will be happy to assist you!

  • What if I run out of tokens?

    While most students do not run out of tokens, you might if you cannot attend in-person review sessions or watch a lot of video content. If you find yourself running out of tokens each month, we recommend upgrading your membership. You can upgrade your membership by visiting the My Account page on the Study Edge Facebook App. However, if you’re willing to wait, our tutors are very gracious in giving out tokens to students in need. All you need to do is email your (ex. as you get low on tokens, and our team will be happy to assist you! Tokens are also available for purchase. A one-time purchase of 10, 20, 40, or 60 tokens can be purchased for 50 cents/token!

  • What if I missed an In-person Exam Review or In-person Chapter Review Session?

    All In-person Review Sessions are recorded and available to view on our Facebook, iPhone/iPad, and Android apps by noon the next day. Chapter Review Sessions require 15 tokens to watch on the Facebook App, and Exam Review Sessions require 30 tokens in total. Two-part Exam Reviews are 60 tokens in total (A Gold membership is suggested for classes that offer two-part Exam Reviews). You have a 6 hour viewing window to watch a video. Note that viewing Chapter Reviews requires a Gold or Diamond membership. Many classes also offer multiple Review Sessions based on the number of student enrolled in the course so be sure to check the schedule for your class.

  • What is the Study Edge Facebook Application?

    The Study Edge Facebook Application is a custom-built application that uses all the latest and best technology to bring the highest quality supplemental instruction to students through Facebook. Our Facebook Application is used to watch Chapter Review Sessions, concept videos, practice problem solutions, textbook problem solutions, and much more. One of the best features of the application is the interactive class wall. Students are able to connect with our Study Experts and other students at any time of the day or night. Students ask their own questions, as well as answer other students’ questions. All in-person Exam Review Sessions and Chapter Review Sessions are recorded and available to watch on the Facebook App. In-person Chapter Review Sessions are posted as one video that requires 15 tokens. In-person Exam Review Sessions are posted as two videos (the first half of the review and the second half) that each require 15 tokens. You have a 6-hour viewing window to watch each video. To get started using the Study Edge Facebook Application, go to and click the ‘Study Edge App’ link on the right. Once you have added the application, you will select your school and your subject. The class page for your subject is where you can watch videos and ask questions on the wall. You can also watch videos and ask questions using our mobile apps! Go to the App Store to download the FREE Study Edge iPhone/iPad app or the Google Play app store to download the Android app.

  • What if I don't have a Facebook account / cannot access my Facebook account?

    Study Edge uses Facebook Connect (like Instagram) to authenticate users.  You must have a Facebook account in order to use Study Edge.  If you have never had a Facebook account, you will need to create one.  There is no other way to log into Study Edge.  If you have had a Facebook account in the past, but for some reason have trouble accessing it now, then you must reach out to Facebook and try to regain access to your Facebook account.  Then you will be able to use it to log into Study Edge.

  • When will the recording of the In-person Review Session be posted?

    The review video(s) get first posted to the “Latest Review Session” folder on the Study Edge Facebook and mobile apps late at night after the review sessions. Then, the videos are moved the next day to the appropriate folder on the “Videos and More” tab. So if you are looking for a review before 12 p.m. the day after the review session took place, check the “Latest Review Session” folder first. After 12 p.m., the review video will be sorted into the appropriate folder.

  • What types of videos are available on the Facebook app?

    There are Exam Review Sessions, Chapter Review Sessions, concept explanations, practice problem solutions, textbook problem solutions, and more. Tokens are used to watch videos posted on our Facebook and mobile apps. Videos that have individual concept or problem explanations only require one token to watch. There are also recordings of in-person reviews available on the Facebook Application. These videos each require 15 tokens to watch. Don’t worry, you won’t get them confused. The videos that require 15 tokens to watch say so in the title.

    Check out this video to see an example of what you can find on the Study Edge Facebook App!

  • What are ‘Study Hours’?

    During Study Hours, students can come to study independently or with classmates while Study Experts are present, answering questions and guiding students as needed. It’s like studying at home, except you have someone there to help you when you get stuck! Almost all of our Study Hours are held in the late afternoon or evening, which is when most students do their studying and on-campus resources are not available. The social aspect of Study Hours also encourages the formation of study groups. Study Hours are included with Gold and Diamond memberships and cannot be purchased separately. To see the schedule for Study Hours for your class, click the “Videos and More” tab on the Study Edge App and look for the “When Are Study Hours” announcement. Study Hours are held at a campus library or other location close to campus.

  • How do I get my questions answered?

    Since we can’t have an In-person Review Session with every student individually, we do the next best thing; you always have a Study Expert available to answer your questions through our Study Edge Apps! Post your questions on the Class Wall in the Study Edge Apps, and a Study Expert will answer them. You can also search for related posts from other students taking the same course at your school. For UF students, we offer Study Hours, which are held at a campus library or other location closet campus. To see the schedule for Study Hours for your class, check the Review Videos tab on the Study Edge Apps.

  • How long will it take for my question on the wall to be answered?

    We’ll always try to answer your question as fast as possible, but the wall is not monitored 24/7 so there will be a bit of a delay. As long as you ask a question at least 24 hours before your exam, we guarantee that it will be answered before the exam.

  • So you’re saying we can always get in contact with our Study Expert?

    Yes! Study Experts are always active on the wall of our application. This is included in your membership, so you can post as many questions as you like for no charge. They will get back to you the same day with an answer to your question. Our goal is for our students to be comfortable enough with their Study Expert to contact him or her outside of scheduled sessions.

  • Why was my subscription automatically continued?

    Of course, we include this in our “Terms of Use” document that each subscriber agrees to, but even if you don’t take the time with our legal documents, we try to make sure it’s completely clear during the subscription process. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’re locked into your membership. You can cancel at any time by clicking “Cancel my Membership” on the My Account tab in our Facebook application.

  • Where do I buy a membership?

    Memberships can be purchased through our Facebook Application. Just click on ‘Pricing’ at the top of this page to become a member! You can manage your account through the Facebook Application by clicking the My Account icon in the upper right-hand corner. If you have any questions about purchasing a membership, give us a call at 1-888-97-STUDY.

  • Which membership should I buy?

    When you purchase a membership, you are purchasing access to our review sessions, study guides, and other study materials for the month for all of your classes.

    Our Gold membership option allows you to attend in-person Chapter Review Sessions, in-person Exam Review Sessions, and in-person Study Hours as well as watch 6-12 hours of video each month. This membership is best for students that are in just one of the courses that we cover.

    A Diamond membership gives you access to the same in-person services, but with the ability to skip the lines and view more online content (12-24 hours). The Diamond membership also gives you access to weekly virtual Study Hours, curated Study Plans, and access to our Study Essentials and Life Essentials courses. If you have a busy schedule and cannot attend in-person review sessions this membership is a better fit for you. This membership level is also ideal for students that are taking more than one course that we cover.

  • What if I upgrade or downgrade my membership level?

    If you upgrade your membership, your credit card is immediately charged the full cost of the new membership, and your tokens are replenished to the new membership level. Your tokens will then be replenished and your credit card will be charged the next month on the date that you upgraded. For example, if you upgrade from a Gold membership to a Diamond membership on September 10th, you will be replenished to 200 tokens that day and your credit card will be charged $75. Your tokens will be replenished back to 200 again on October 10th.

    If you decide to downgrade your membership level, your tokens will be set to that membership level, and you are charged the amount of the new membership on your next replenishment date. For example, if you downgrade from a Diamond membership to a Gold membership, you will be charged $50 instead of $75 on your next monthly recharge date, and your tokens will be replenished to 100 instead of 200.

    You can make changes to your membership on the My Account page on the Study Edge desktop app.

  • What happens if my membership did not get renewed?

    Memberships are renewed by your credit card being auto-charged each month. For example, if you bought a membership on January 10th, your credit card will be automatically charged on February 10th, March 10th, and so on. If your membership does not renew, your token balance goes to zero immediately. So how do you fix this? There’s a very easy solution. Just go to “My Account” in the top-right corner of the Facebook App and purchase a new membership. This will immediately replenish your token balance. You can also call us at 1-888-97-STUDY if needed.

  • What if I need financial assistance?

    If you are in need of financial assistance, just email and we can go over your options. We will honor requests on a first come, first serve basis.