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Study Hours

Study Hours are a great way to get face-to-face time with our Study Experts, and ask them your questions!

What are Study Hours?

Study Expert Ben holding Study Hours for Calculus

Study Hours are basically private tutoring from our Study Experts, and are included with every membership!

Take advantage of this great service, because students who come to Study Hours typically do much better on the exams.

You’re welcome to come even if you don’t have a specific question in mind. We’ll work through problems you need to know, and give any recommendations to try to make sure you understand all the exam material.

For all classes, Study Hours are held at least once per week, and additional Study Hours are scheduled shortly before each exam, to help you with that final push!

Check out the announcement “When are Study Hours” on your class page in the Study Edge apps for more information about when and where Study Hours will be this week for your class.

If you can’t make it to Study Hours, remember that the Class Wall is open 24/7 for you to ask us your questions anytime, anywhere.

See you at Study Hours!

FOR A LIMITED TIME, Weekly Study Hours are available every week to ALL Study Edge members! Normally, this service is only available for Diamond members.  Please note that we may need to change this in the future, pending student demand. 

Additionally, ALL students are welcome to join us at Study Hours for Exam 1, even if they don’t have a Study Edge membership!

In-Person Study Hours

To attend In-Person Study Hours, just show up at the scheduled time, and look for a Study Expert in a blue Study Edge t-shirt!

We’ll let you know exactly when and where to find us in the “When are Study Hours” announcement on the course page.

Virtual Study Hours

Virtual Study Hours are held online through GoBoard, a simple yet powerful online tutoring platform that seamlessly recreates an in-person tutoring session, or through Zoom.

We’ll let you know exactly when and where to find us (including links to join) in the “When are Study Hours” announcement on the course page.

Watch the video below to see a sample of one of our Virtual Study Hours sessions.