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Study Edge has teamed up with the Texas Education Agency to provide high-quality, engaging, TEKS-aligned videos and study guides for high school level Chemistry, Physics, Precalculus, and Statistics. Products created by Study Edge are delivered in short videos with master teachers (Study Experts) presenting the material. The videos can be used to teach an entire course or as supplemental material to help students be more successful in these challenging courses.

Almost all of the “Study Experts” are full-time staff of Study Edge. They include certified teachers (from various states), former university and community college professors, and former college learning center and university athletic association tutors. The Study Experts continue to work part-time for universities, community colleges, high schools, and middle schools in various capacities (including individual and group tutoring); this ensure that Study Experts remain on the cusp of the latest content and pedagogical developments.

Study Edge Sampler Video

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There are a couple of ways you can access the free Study Edge videos and study guides:

1) Through the Texas Gateway:

  • Once there, click on Study Edge Chemistry, Study Edge Physics, Study Edge Precalculus, or Study Edge Statistics.
  • Then either click “start” which will take you to the first video for that subject, or select a particular chapter and video.
  • Under each video is a link to download and print the study guide PDF for that chapter (one PDF exists per chapter), which students can fill in as they follow along with the videos in that chapter.

2) Through the Study Edge Chrome OS app. Click here for directions on how to download the app to a compatible device.

  • Enter the Study Edge Chrome OS app.
  • Select the appropriate subject from the dropdown menu.
  • Once you have selected a subject, you will see folders below a video player, one for each chapter. Inside each of the folders is a study guide PDF that can be downloaded and printed, which students can fill in as they follow along with the videos in that chapter.

You can also download our instructional flyer with information about accessing Study Edge material on the TEA Gateway.

Once you have had the chance to check out Study Edge’s instructional material, please provide feedback on it.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email to texas@studyedge.com.

OpenStax Online Textbooks

OpenStax is Rice University’s non-profit ed-tech initiative. OpenStax has partnered with the Texas Education Agency to publish seven textbooks: Physics, Statistics, Advanced Placement Macroeconomics for AP® Courses, Advanced Placement Microeconomics for AP® Courses, Advanced Placement Physics 1: Algebra-Based for AP® Courses, Advanced Placement Physics 2: Algebra-Based for AP® Courses, and Advanced Placement Biology for AP® Courses.

These textbooks are completely free for Texas teachers and students through the Texas Gateway. They’re digital, up-to-date, and 100% TEKS aligned. They’re also designed for Texas students and built by Texas teachers—we worked closely with Texas teachers to ensure the textbook content was engaging and easy to implement in the classroom. We also went a little further and developed free lab manuals that align with the science textbooks, as well as instructor PowerPoint slides and solution manuals for all the titles. These textbooks can be located in the Gateway by searching “OpenStax” from the homepage, and selecting “Book” under “Content Type.”

OpenStax always welcomes feedback, so please let them know what you think at tea@openstax.org!