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Study Edge supports the Greeks!

Study Edge provides Review Sessions, study guides, practice problems, mock exams, study hours and more for college students in tough classes at UF. All of our Review Sessions and study materials are prepared and administered by our Study Experts (like a tutor, but a lot funnier and smarter).

We understand the need for Greeks to earn high GPAs while balancing their time with extra-curricular activities so we’ve made everything available 24/7 through our Facebook, iPhone, iPad and Android apps, creating the most efficient and effective means of studying. More than 50,000 college students have used Study Edge to decrease their studying time. Study smarter, not harder!

The Perfect 10 Program

Study Edge teams up each semester with Greek Chapters to give each fraternity and sorority 10% back of all Study Edge purchases made by chapter members.


This program aims to benefit the individual as well as the organization. By using Study Edge and the Perfect 10 Program you will:

  • Prove to advisors that you’re collectively working on increasing the chapter GPA
  • Fulfill scholarship pillars with Study Skills presentations provided by Study Edge Study Experts
  • Show your parents that you’re working on increasing your individual GPA (In a 2014 survey, more than half of parents said that individual chapter’s GPA ranking mattered a lot to them)
  • Earn money for your philanthropy and other causes important to your chapter
  • Gain great PR for your council and chapter
  • When asked about your chapter’s scholarship program, or when potential new members say that their parents are concerned about their grades if they join a Greek organization, each of your members has the benefit of saying, “Yes, we are serious about scholarship, so much so that our chapter has partnered with an organization that is dedicated to making sure that students get the best grades possible. Our brothers/sisters get special benefits and access because of our Greek affiliation.”
  • Get access to experts who know your classes and can help you succeed!

If you have any questions or want to set up a partnership with Study Edge, email or call 1-888-97-STUDY.