Summer | Study Edge

We will be offering our services for the following classes for Summer 2024:

Summer A

  • ACG2021 – Financial Accounting
  • FIN3403 – Business Finance
  • STA2023 – Statistics I

Summer B

  • ACG2071 – Managerial Accounting
  • CHM1025 – Introduction to Chemistry
  • ECO2013 – Macroeconomics
  • MAC2233 – Survey of Calculus I
  • MAC2311 – Calculus I
  • STA2023 – Statistics I

Summer C

  • BCH4024 – Biochemistry
  • CHM2045 – General Chemistry I
  • CHM2046 – General Chemistry II
  • CHM2210 – Organic Chemistry I
  • CHM2211 – Organic Chemistry II
  • ECO2023 – Microeconomics
  • MAC2233 – Survey of Calculus I
  • MAC2234 – Survey of Calculus II
  • MAC2311 – Calculus I
  • MAC2312 – Calculus II
  • MAC2313 – Calculus III
  • MAN4504 – Operations Management
  • PHY2048 – Physics with Calculus I
  • PHY2049 – Physics with Calculus II
  • PHY2053 – Physics I
  • PHY2054 – Physics II

What You Need to Know – Summer 2024

The summer semesters are slightly different than Spring and Fall so here it is broken down so that you know what to expect.


Summer A and B are only 6 weeks long and Summer C is only 13 weeks (including the break week) from start to finish. This does not mean that your professor covers less content, this means he/she teaches everything he/she teaches in the regular semester in much less time! At Study Edge this means more frequent Exam Review Sessions, averaging every 2 weeks in the summer, compared to every 4 weeks in the fall/spring. Also, some classes move so quickly that Chapter Review Sessions are the only option, often occurring twice (or more) in one week.


Study Edge memberships remain the same price (see below) despite the content moving so quickly!


  • One price covers ALL courses
  • Access to all In-person and Online Exam Reviews
  • Access to all In-person and Online Chapter Reviews
  • In-Person Study Hours before the exam
  • Class Wall
  • Expert Study Plans
  • 6-12 hours of video (100 tokens replenished each month)


  • One price covers ALL courses
  • Access to all In-person and Online Exam Reviews
  • Access to all In-person and Chapter Reviews
  • In-person Study Hours before the exam
  • Class Wall
  • 12-24 hours of video (200 tokens replenished each month)
  • Expert Study Plans
  • Skip lines at all In-person Reviews

Summer A/B: To access all of our study materials for these condensed semesters, you will need an active Gold or Diamond membership for just 2 months. Because the same amount of material is squeezed into a much shorter semester, we recommend purchasing a Diamond membership for these months.

Summer C: This full-length semester will span 4 months, similar to a typical Fall or Spring semester.

Tokens: Tokens are used to view online supplemental material. Whether you use them to watch or re-watch recordings of In-person Review Sessions, view practice problem solution videos, or open PDF documents – it’s completely up to you! In the summer, you will most likely use a lot of tokens as there is more content covered in a month than in the Fall/Spring. This will definitely be the case if you use tokens to watch recordings of In-person Review Sessions. You will want to get a higher level of membership than you usually would so that you have enough tokens!

Study Hours: Study Hours are included with all memberships, for all classes, all summer long! We will host a minimum of 2 hours of Study Hours per exam, per class so come by and get some one-on-one help from our Study Experts!

Summer Hours: Sunday – Friday 10:00am – 6:00pm. Closed Saturday. Any questions? Contact us! 1-888-97-STUDY or