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UF Student Partners

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

AMSA is a student-governed, national organization committed to representing the concerns of physicians-in-training. We are pleased to offer all AMSA members 10% back on all Study Edge purchases by entering the code ‘amsa’ at checkout.

Delta Sigma Pi

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. We are pleased to offer all DSP members 10% back on all Study Edge purchases.

Intra-Fraternity Council (IFC)

IFC has partnered up with Study Edge to promote scholarship among IFC members. Through the Pledge Edge Initiative, all new members of IFC will receive 50% off their Study Edge memberships.
The ability to recruit and maintain the highest quality of educated individuals during the recruitment and pledge process is crucial. In our Pledge Edge Initiative, new members of fraternities will be given a superior advantage in their academic endeavors, reversing the age-old notion of academic underachievement as a pledge. Last semester, both IFC and Study Edge were proud to announce that the budgetary cap was met, with a full $5,000 total subsidy to new members. It is our goal that the GPA of new members of IFC will continue to increase as a result of the relationship. For more information, click here.

Panhellenic Council

The Panhellenic Council serves as the governing body for 16 National Panhellenic Conference chapters on campus, creating a sisterhood of more than 3,500 women. Through educational, service, and social activities, the Panhellenic Council strives to develop its members and the University of Florida student body. We are pleased to offer each chapter 10% back on all Study Edge purchases.

Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA)

The Inter-Residence Hall Association, herein referred to as IRHA, has been established at the University of Florida for the purpose of coordinating area council activities and representing and serving the collective interests of all the residents as decided by the representatives to IRHA. We are pleased to offer IRHA members 10% back on all Study Edge purchases.

Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon at the University of Florida is an annual 26.2-hour event benefiting the patients of UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. Each year, more than 800 students stay awake and on their feet to raise money and awareness for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. In the 20 years of Dance Marathon at UF’s existence, more than $8 million has been donated, making it the most successful student-run philanthropy in the Southeastern United States. We sponsor the ‘Study Room’ at the event, and we are pleased to offer Dance Marathon 10% back on all Study Edge purchases.

Gator Growl

Gator Growl is the flagship event of the University of Florida and a tradition that spans over 90 years. It is a University of Florida tradition marking the culmination of Homecoming Week. The massive production consists of musical and comedic entertainers, Gator athletes and performances by UF’s cheerleaders, Dazzlers and Pride of the Sunshine Marching Band. Hundreds of students work endless hours to create the annual spectacle. The amount of student participation that goes into an event like this has given Gator Growl the right to call itself the largest student-run pep rally in the nation.
We film a Study Edge ‘commercial’ that is shown at the event, and we are pleased to offer Gator Growl 10% back on all Study Edge purchases.

The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review provides SAT, ACT, PSAT, SAT II, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, USMLE and TOEFL test preparation information and products. We are pleased to offer Free In-person Review coupons and Study Edge ping pong balls at the Princeton Review Location.

Target Copy

Target Copy can help you with all of your print production and communication needs! Study Edge offers Review Packets are available for pick up 24/7 at Target Copy on University Avenue. When picking up packets, all you need to bring is your student ID.

The Perfect 10 Program

Study Edge has given over $10,000 each year to back to particular UF student groups with our 10 percent back program. We have now expanded our popular program to ALL UF student groups!

During the fall 2014 semester, Study Edge will track the purchase of monthly memberships by members of UF student groups via group codes. Each time a group code is used, 10 percent of the total purchase will be earmarked for return to the group.

As one example: If 40 members of a student group buy a Gold membership ($50 per month), the group would receive $200 per month back from Study Edge. The money is returned to the group via check and can be used for philanthropic work or other functions.

If your student group would like to participate in the 10/10 program, or the study tips program, email or click here.

Study Tips Packet

We have also put together a ‘Study Tips’ packet to teach your members good study habits, the library hours, and how to keep a high GPA at UF. Check it out here.

If you are interested in having a Study Tips presentation at Study Edge presented by a Study Expert, please email to coordinate a date/time.
If you are interested in handing out the Study Tips packets to your members, email with how many you want printed, and when you need them by.