Tell your friends coming to UF about Study Edge, and earn $10 cash for each person that signs up!


  • You can earn an unlimited amount of money because we would rather give money back to our members than buy Alligator ads or Facebook ads to get the word out, and Study Edge doesn’t exist if people don’t tell their friends!
  • Your referral code is the first piece of your UF email address (the part BEFORE the @ symbol).
  • Just tell your friends who have never used Study Edge before (freshman, transfer students, and others) that they should put in your referral code when they buy their first month. THEY will get $10 off their first month automatically and YOU will get $10.
  • To collect your money just email from your UF email address with the name of your friend(s) who bought a first-time membership and we’ll Venmo or Paypal you the money.
  • Consider posting on social media with your referral code so that all of your friends learn that they can get $10 off their first month of Study Edge membership by using your code.
  • You can also tell your friends that all Session 1 Chapter Reviews are free online, for new students to check out, and all first-time in-person review sessions are free with the coupon online (
  • Remember, there is no limit to how many friends you can refer (and how much money you make) so start spreading the word!

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