Real Life 101 | Study Edge


Video #1: Politics: Primary vs. Caucus

Dr. Emma Humphries, Bob Graham Center for Public Service at the University of Florida



Video #2: Taxes: Federal and State Income Taxes

Ethan Fieldman, Study Edge




Video #3: Google Tips for Better Searching

Jordan Draper, Study Edge



Video #4: Comparing Job Offers

Ashley Dodds, Study Edge




Video #5: Credit Cards

Chris Morley, Study Edge


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Video #6: Healthcare Plans and How to Choose the Right One

Jenn Worthington, Study Edge




Video #7: Buying vs Leasing a Car

Rich Melgarejo, Study Edge



Video #8: Budgeting Basics using Excel

Zach Stepp, Study Edge



Video #9: Credit Score and Credit Report Basics

Ethan Fieldman, Study Edge



Video #10: Investing Basics

Steven Keys, Study Edge


More Videos Coming Soon!