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We invest heavily in the academic excellence of our members.

Our mission is to provide personal and academic development, service to others, commitment to excellence and lifelong friendship through a shared tradition. We achieve the first component of this mission by providing our members the essential tools and skills needed to succeed in their classes, enabling them to continuously grow as students.

Study Edge – a tool to save time and improve your grades

  • Study Edge breaks down complex topics into simple videos and study guides so you can be more prepared for your exams with less stress.
  • Study Edge is a great supplement to your course, with videos that explain each topic in an engaging and easily understandable way.
  • With video content, reviews, and more all on the Study Edge mobile app, you’ll feel like you have access to a virtual tutor anytime, anywhere.

Rest assured, you are in the right hands with Study Edge

  • Study Edge staff come from top universities, including Harvard, Yale, CalTech, Vassar, and more.
  • Study Edge has received national recognition for their educational strategies, including being the recipient of the inaugural $50,000 Cade Prize for Innovation.
  • Study Edge has been a part of federal, state, and grant-funded projects totaling over $20 million, including from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • Study Edge has contributed to the development of curricula for multiple state governments, including Texas, Michigan, Mississippi, Florida, and South Carolina.
  • Over 100,000 college students and 200 universities have used Study Edge’s nationally recognized materials and apps.

Research supporting Study Edge

  • Multiple peer-reviewed studies have found that Study Edge’s use of young, engaging instructors that are always on-screen, are more engaging for students and cause students to learn more than other types of videos.

What are Phi Mu’s saying about Study Edge?

Study Edge has helped me through some of the hardest classes I’ve taken and without their help I don’t think I would have done nearly as well in those classes. They make hard topics easy to understand and in a way that college students can relate to. Study Edge is a must for students who want to study smarter!

Kelly Wooldridge
Phi Mu Social Chair

I took my first Chemistry exam without using Study Edge and did poorly. After talking to some of my sisters in the class that had aced the exam using Study Edge, I decided to try it out. Study Edge helped me get As on my next two exams, resulting in an A in the class!

Nicole Bryson
Phi Mu Member

Here’s how you can utilize Study Edge in your chapter

  • Spread the word! Use numerous outlets, including email, Facebook, the GINsystem, and word of mouth, to communicate with your members about the benefits of using Study Edge.
  • Get Advisors and Academic Excellence Chairs involved in spreading the word, and have students contact Study Edge with any questions.
  • At the next meeting of your new members, have them each download the Study Edge iPhone or Android app.
  • During chapter study hours, encourage members to watch videos sitting next to one another and discuss what the Study Expert is explaining.
  • As a chapter, watch the Study Edge “Study Skills” five-minute video at the start of each semester, as a refresher on the best ways to study.
  • Connect new members to form bonds through study groups, and enable sisters enrolled in the same course to watch reviews and practice together.

Provide support to sisters on academic probation

  • Set a goal for them to watch one chapter per week on each one of their courses.
  • Download and print the Study Edge study guides and have sisters complete and turn them in each week.
  • Take advantage of subsidized 1-to-1 tutoring *
    * Limited amount of funding available; if interested, contact Phi Mu Headquarters.

How do I get started?

Go to or download the Study Edge app from your mobile device’s app store. When it asks you for a credit card online, simply enter the code phimu2018 and you will get a free membership. If you need additional details about setting up your account, follow these steps.

For Chapter Officers and Advisors

Officers and advisors can access additional resources and tools about the platform and additional ways Study Edge can be used within the chapter.

Questions or comments?

Contact us at or visit Best of luck with your studies!