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The Real Life 101 Internship is an internship program available to 10 UF students, from any class or major.

Watch the video below or download the flyer to learn more information about the internship. You can submit an application here.


All majors and years are welcome to apply. Applicants are admitted on a rolling basis. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at


The RL101 internship didn’t only equip me with valuable work experience and the opportunity to learn about essential life topics, but the information about Study Edge and its affiliate companies followed me into my professional life. As a GEM intern, I became extremely knowledgeable about GoBoard, Tutor Matching Service, and Study Essentials — three companies related to Study Edge. Although I didn’t expect my knowledge of these companies to come in handy after the internship ended, I was delightfully surprised when they became relevant in my current job. I am a supervisor with UFIT, and one of the spaces we staff and provide service to is UAA/Hawkins. My boss recently reached out to the supervisor team and mentioned that since COVID, UAA had been utilizing GoBoard, and he wanted our team to look into it so we could familiarize our staff with the platform and common troubleshooting procedures. However, thanks to my time as a GEM intern, I was already super familiar with GoBoard and able to take initiative and work with our training team on lesson plans and internal documentation. Even though this was a minor win, I am thankful for the knowledge I gained from this internship (and the brownie points I earned with my boss)!

Julia K – former Real Life 101 intern

What students are saying

Some of my favorite things about the internship so far have been the times when we are really encouraged to work together both with our supervisor and as interns

– Julia Kolbasiuk


There’s really not another opportunity like this that I’ve come across during my time at UF

– Ashley Ballestra


Everyone throws in their own ideas and gives their opinions about how they can help Study Edge grow

– Grishma Patel