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What is Study Edge?

Study Edge provides engaging, straight-to-the-point video content, practice problems, and helpful accompanying PDF study guides for college courses, all delivered through a web and mobile app. Study Edge resources are a highly effective strategy to support your students with historically challenging material. Our content is aligned with some of the most commonly used textbooks, including OpenStax books.

An engaging “Study Expert” will walk your students through the concepts and practice problems, as if they have a private tutor in their own home. A recent study in the International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction showed that Study Edge videos are proven to increase retention of material through increased engagement, instructor presence, and eye contact and students are not only more confident in the course material but more engaged during class after using Study Edge.

What makes Study Edge different?

We are dedicated to providing superior educational services to high school and college students. Study Edge incorporates best practices in terms of learning by activating prior knowledge and encouraging self-testing.

We are focused on a continuous learning model, as opposed to encouraging cram sessions a few days before an exam. This method better serves students and ultimately assists them in truly mastering class content and reduces student frustration on complex concepts.

Study Edge offers services for many historically difficult courses. Across the country, these commonly include chemistry, economics, mathematics, statistics, and physics, just to name a few.

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How can Study Edge be used?

Study Edge can be used by college learning centers in conjunction with, or as a digital substitute for, Supplemental Instruction (SI). It can also be used an on-ramp tool or even for a flipped classroom. Additionally, Study Edge can be used to provide support for higher level courses for which it may be difficult to find tutors.

How much does Study Edge cost?

Individual students can purchase access to the Study Edge app and its library of videos and study guides for a monthly fee that covers all their classes. Site-wide licenses can be purchased by educational institutions and learning centers at a discount of $495 per course, per year.

We are excited to offer this resource for FREE for one year to colleges and universities who would like to participate in the Study Edge pilot program. After the pilot year, participating institutions may purchase all 30 Study Edge courses (with more being added each semester) for just $495 per year.

If you’re interested in participating in our pilot program, or have any questions, please email to discuss your institution’s needs.