Study Edge takes online privacy and security very seriously. As a result, our team has put into place a number of privacy policy points that are intended to guard against hacking, identity theft, and other online crimes.


  • All user data is protected using advanced technology
  • We provide the ability to opt-in or opt-out of data-sharing modules or technologies
  • Anonymous data may be shared with third parties but will not be linked back to any individual or group user
  • Cookies are used in the gathering and storage of user data in order to deliver a more effective user experience
  • User data is protected under international, federal, state, and local laws


Data collected from Study Edge users is stored using the latest in security technology, including TLS/SSL protocols, 256-bit AES encryption, API call-level authentication, third-party penetration testing and code review, and district- and application-specific OAuth 2.0 API Bearer Tokens with over 200 bits of entropy.

Third-Party Software & Services

Study Edge does not share any information with third party software or services.

For integrated schools, Study Edge receives data directly from districts that are authorized to share the appropriate data so that students and teachers may access Study Edge and use it to full effect. Study Edge does not allow users to create their own accounts.

For non-integrated schools, Study Edge generates a class code for the teacher and their students to access the platform.

What & How We Protect

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Study Edge’s privacy policy, how we handle data, or how our users’ data is used, please reach out by emailing

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