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Welcome to the Study Edge family! We’re glad your Greek chapter, Council or Greek Community is using Study Edge! Our goal is to make the setup process as simple as possible for your and your members.

This page has all the information you need to get your chapter, council or Greek community up and running with Study Edge.  If you haven’t already, please setup a call with a member of our team by emailing us at;.

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Study Edge Features

  1. Concept Videos – Simple videos (accessed via the web or mobile app) that take complex topics and break them down in a way that is relatable, engaging and easily understandable.

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  1. Printable Study Guides – Uniquely crafted, easy to understand study guides that correspond to each video, so students can follow along and take guided notes!
  2. “Check Your Understanding!” Practice Tool – This tool provides practice questions at the end of each topic. And it has associated videos for every question you miss, to ensure every student is ready for their quiz and exams!
  3. Flashcards – Allows students to choose cards from each section with vocab words and concepts that are created and approved by Study Experts.  Students also have the ability to create their own flashcards for their class, chapter, or new members. (Coming Soon)
  4. “Edge Up” Group Studying – Group studying at its best!  One individual is the person in the hot seat guessing a word while the others are providing clues to help.  This game is very similar to the “Heads Up” game made popular by Ellen Degeneres, where you put your cell phone on your forehead. (Coming  Soon)
  5. Suggested Scholarship/Academic Plans – Study Edge has collected the best chapter scholarship plans from across the country and is now making them available for all chapters in the form of short videos and supplemental resources. Our goal is to provide tools for council officers and/or chapter Scholarship Chairs to create a well-tailored scholarship program for the council, for the chapter, and for individuals who need personal assistance.
  6. Chapter Officer Reports – On-demand reports to track member usage, create study groups by course, and fully integrate Study Edge into a council’s or chapter’s study habits and programs. (Coming Soon)
  7. Tutor Matching Service – TMS helps students find, schedule and book quality 1:1 tutors across a broad range of academic subjects.  Tutor Matching Service is the the only official private tutoring website of colleges and universities. Tutors signup and get certified by their university and other students book them with Tutor Matching Service collecting a 10% service fee for facilitating the transaction.

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About Study Edge

Study Edge is an innovative and cutting-edge solution for students looking to pass tough classes with higher scores and better understanding. In use by more than 100,000 students at leading universities like Syracuse, Purdue, Clemson, Michigan, CalTech and many others, Study Edge takes complex topics and breaks them down in a way that is relatable, engaging, and easily understandable.

Simple tutoring videos are accessible on the web, and on mobile apps, compliment uniquely crafted study guides, practice problems, and more. Students are fully prepared for their upcoming quizzes and exams when using Study Edge!