Class Wall FAQ | Study Edge

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Before you get started, here are a few things you need to know about the Class Wall:

  1. You’ve got questions, and we’ve got answers. Feel free to post any questions you have on the wall. We’re here to help get you the most accurate answer!
  2. To begin, go ahead and post a question that you have or need help on, or start a discussion on course-related topics.
  3. Please do not post questions from assignments that are due for a grade. If the assignment has already been graded, then feel free to post your question.
  4. Asking questions on the Class Wall does not require using tokens. Every video and document you open in the “Review Videos” tab requires a token to view or watch and the video recordings of the In- person Review Sessions will require 15 tokens to view. The announcements do not require tokens to open so make sure to check them out to get important information about your class.
  5. You can earn extra tokens on the Class Wall by answering other student’s questions, posting important information about your class, or uploading documents to help out your fellow students. The more you help your Study Expert and classmates, the more tokens you can earn!
  6. Remember to be nice and respectful to your fellow students. Inappropriate wall posts will be removed.

I clicked on the PDF and it did not open; where is the pdf?

PDFs open in a new tab in your internet browser so make sure your browser has pop ups enabled for the Study Edge Facebook App. We recommend using Google Chrome as your main browser when using the Study Edge Facebook App. Check out for tips on updating your browser settings.

When will the recording of the In-person Review Session be posted?

Video recordings of In-person Review Sessions will be posted within 48 hours of the In-person Review. However, we try to post the Review Session video as soon as possible. You can always check the “Review Schedule” tab to find out when the In-person Review is being held.

When is the next In-person Review Session?

Check out the “Review Schedule” tab for a copy of our schedule. You can even subscribe to a class calendar through our mobile apps so that you never miss a session.

What are Study Hours and when are they going to be?

Study Hours are where students can come to study independently or with classmates while Study Experts are present, answering questions and guiding students as needed. Every class has specific days and times. Check the “When are Study Hours?” announcement in the “Review Videos” tab.

How long do I have to watch a video?

You have a 6 hour viewing window from the time that you start watching the video to complete the video. If you do not finish the video in your 6 hour window or want to rewatch it later, it will require using tokens again.

Does Study Edge provide old exams or extra practice problems?

Study Experts cannot post old teacher material due to copyright issues but we do provide you with practice problems that will help you succeed in the class. These practice problems will be given out at the in-person review sessions.

Can you post a filled-in review guide for the in-person review questions?

No. We encourage students to watch the reviews as this is the best way to learn and retain the information for your upcoming quiz or exam. Our review sessions help you to learn the material by explaining the topics and working through examples. This experience cannot be duplicated just by reading the notes so it is not something that we offer.

How should I start studying for this class?

In each review guide you’ll find the Study Edge Roadmap. This is your guide to what you should be working on to get ready for your next exam or quiz.

How do I get the Review Packet?

You can pick it up at our building (click here for directions), download the packet in the “Review Videos” tab, or purchase the packet Target Copy (click here for directions). Picking up current exam material is always free for members at the building, so come stop by!

How long will it take for my question on the wall to be answered?

We’ll always try to answer your question as fast as possible, but the wall is not monitored 24/7 so there will be a bit of a delay. As long as you ask a question at least 24 hours before your exam, we guarantee that it will be answered before the exam.