About Us - Study Edge

Study Edge is a national leader in providing innovative, online educational resources to over one million students and educators across the country. Since our founding in 2011, Study Edge has been a pioneer in education at both the secondary and post-secondary levels, securing 25 patents for our cutting-edge learning technologies. Study Edge is the parent company of wide-reaching educational technology products: Math Nation, Tutor Matching Service, GoBoard, Tutor Essentials, Online Tutoring Essentials, Study Essentials, and Life Essentials.

Study Edge was initially created to help college students (particularly those who are time or resource limited) succeed in difficult introductory STEM courses. Study Edge uses online communities, mobile apps, personalized learning, comprehensive study guides, and some of the best, most energetic instructors in the world to help students conquer difficult courses. Study Edge proved successful in this mission and quickly grew to be the go-to resource for students at universities across the country.

In 2012, Study Edge joined forces with the University of Florida to dramatically improve student achievement in Algebra 1— a required course that is a key “gateway” to higher-level math courses and high-growth careers. Math Nation launched with two main goals: to significantly improve Algebra achievement in Florida and to reduce disparities in student performance. Today, Math Nation provides dynamic content videos, consumable workbooks, and online practice tools, as well as teacher-built lesson plans and other materials, for 6-8th Grade Mathematics, Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2, all aligned to each state’s specific standards.

Tutor Matching Service (TMS) was created to help colleges and universities eliminate the headache of booking and scheduling tutors for their students. It now serves as the only online marketplace for official, university-certified tutors. TMS provides a safe, simple environment for students and parents to connect with private tutors, in-person and online, across a wide variety of subjects. More than 400 universities worldwide use TMS.

GoBoard was built in 2016 by the TMS development team to combine video conferencing with an interactive digital canvas. The tool was designed to help students collaborate or receive tutoring one-on-one through our web or its dedicated iPad app. Because GoBoard is a free resource, many schools and institutions use it as a tool to provide online tutoring to students, particularly for distance education and online students.

The Tutor Essentials course was developed in 2015 as a partnership between Purdue University and TMS, along with input from CRLA certification volunteers, Emory University, Clemson University, IUPUI, and others. This highly interactive and engaging course allows tutors to gain the tools and tactics necessary to become great at in-person or online tutoring. Tutor Essentials is a 4-hour, self-paced course that can be completed in one sitting but also gives tutors the ability to save their work to complete it over time. Following the success of Tutor Essentials, Study Edge launched three new online courses: Study Essentials, Life Essentials, and Online Tutoring Essentials, which are all based on the same interactive, engaging platform as Tutor Essentials.