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Virtual Reality (VR) enables Annie to feel physically immersed in realities she could otherwise not experience, giving her a true sense of presence in being in her own . A sensory belief in being somewhere else opens up new possibilities for learning, deeper ways of understanding ideas and experiences.

What is VR?

VR systems comprise a head-mounted display worn by the user, with a small screen in front of each of the user’s eyes. The head-mounted displays incorporate both visual and auditory feedback to create a highly immersive and life-like digital experience for users. A person using VR equipment is able to look and move around the artificial world with six degrees of freedom,  interacting with virtual features or items. Interaction is traditionally facilitated using controllers, however revolutionary hand-tracking technology now uses external cameras built into the headsets, paired with artificial intelligence (AI), to track users’ hand movements, thus allowing for VR users to use their hands to draw, gesture, stretch, move and otherwise interact in VR in a highly intuitive way and with few barriers to learning.

An infinitely extending whiteboard, in 3D space

This focus is unique for virtual reality; as the potential of 3D space traditionally means that applications have no sense of chronology. Instead, our application organises content linearly along a whiteboard, while persistence of content enables students to re-enter the platform each day or each week, and continue working where they left off. Over time, this whiteboard becomes a record log of a students study, where the student is able to “teleport” down the whiteboard to revisit content they have worked on previously.

Personalised learning at its finest...

A unique world for every student

No distractions

VR removes the distractions of cell phones, social media, and outside noises while students study

The world's best tutors, wherever and whenever you need them

The application can be used both synchronously (by the student adding a tutor, also wearing a VR headset, into the room with them), or asynchronously. Asynchronous learning can occur when students access pre-recorded learning experiences, which feature a Study Expert guiding the student through a lesson plan, which could include revision of textbook content, worked examples, and the use of 3D, interactive modules to demonstrate concepts.

Infinite access to learning tools & resources

Every student and every tutor is empowered with every tool and resource they need for their sessions, including a full chemistry lab, every 3D molecule they need, immersive environments, files, textbook content and more

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