This is a Diet Edge course, meaning that it's a lighter version of what Study Edge normally provides. Diet Edge still includes online concept videos and downloadable practice problems to help you master your class, and you only need a Lite membership to access everything for this class! So, what's different? This course does NOT have review sessions, it is not professor-specific like our normal services, and there is not a Class Wall on which to ask your questions. This is like any other diet: you'll have everything you need, just less of the sweet stuff!

Note to UF Online Students:

Even though UF says that your courses are the same as those taken by the residential students at UF, we have done the analysis to compare the classes and that’s simply not the case. Not only do you have different professors, but you also cover different material and take different exams. For your future courses (many of which will only be offered residentially), missing prerequisite knowledge now may prove detrimental. It seems hard to justify skipping over content in a UF Online course, when it’s being covered in the residential course…and vice versa.

In addition to that problem, your professor’s decision to cover material in a non-standardized manner makes it impossible for supplemental services such as Study Edge and UF’s own Teaching Center to provide the necessary specialized content for this section of the course.

If you’d like to encourage the University to fix this problem, we believe the person to talk to is the Assistant Provost: Evangeline J. Tsibris Cummings.


Zach has been killin’ the math game as long as natural log has been killin’ the exponential. Seriously though, Zach has been helping students in MAC1147 for the last 10 years and is proud to say his former students are now doctors, engineers, lawyers, and even NASA trained astronauts. He was a Teaching Assistant in the UF math department for two years and co-authored several of the exams! This gives him a unique, inside view into what to expect on coming tests! Over 5,000 UF students have trusted Zach to explain difficult topics in fun and exciting live reviews. But wait, there’s more! We also have Jordan and Marty, in addition to another 4 math tutors, to make sure that your questions are always answered, that our practice problems always have solution videos, and that we can make time to help you out one-on-one. We’ll make sure you understand and learn what you need in order to perform well on homework, quizzes, and exams!

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Marty Parks

Mathematics and Physics

Zach Stepp

Mathematics, Physics, and Statistics

Ali Azari

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