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This course is VERY different from the vast majority of large courses at UF: over the summer semesters, this course is taught differently than it is in the fall and spring semesters.

Each section of the course may be taught differently with different instructors. Different material (chapters in the textbook) may be taught based on which section happens to fit in your schedule, and even different textbooks may be used in different sections.

This causes a few problems, but most importantly, if you have a friend in a different section you can’t study together (because you are learning different material at different times). In fact, it might be very detrimental to study together, as you could easily confuse each other or learn to do something the ‘wrong’ way for your section.

Study Edge strongly believes that if you and a friend are both in a particular course (with the same course code), you should be taught the same material, and you should be taking the same exams.

It’s only fair that the bar to achieve an A in the course be the same, and clearly it’s important that students in the same course can study together. Furthermore, since math and science courses build upon each other, it doesn’t make sense that one instructor’s students would cover/learn more chapters than another instructor’s students, in a particular course. Are those ‘extra’ chapters important to cover, in order for students to progress towards their degree? Does the next course in line at UF require that students know this information?

If yes, then half the students are coming out of the first UF course unprepared for the next UF course.

If no, then why is one instructor taking time away from ‘important’ material, to cover material that is deemed ‘unimportant’ (or at least, ‘unnecessary’) by their UF peers?

As you can see, these minority of courses should be ‘fixed’ to match most large courses at UF.

Another side effect of this lack of uniformity inside of one UF course is that it’s very difficult for tutors to assist students. Accurately tracking and keeping track of what is (and is not) covered by each individual instructor in a particular week is incredibly difficult and not economically viable. This applies to on-campus tutoring, University Athletic Association tutoring for student-athletes, and every other tutor or tutoring organization. Unfortunately, this also includes Study Edge…and thus, we cannot cover this course this semester.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or ideas, you can always email us at

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