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Video Content as a Service (VCAAS)

Enterprise video instruction services

Experienced, relatable instructors

The Study Experts that appear in our videos have significant experience improving student learning in courses from Business Accounting to Physics to High School Algebra . They incorporate contemporary examples relevant to the interests and geographies of each audience to ensure students can relate to the material and understand it in a real-world context.


Study Edge videos are designed to keep learners’ attention to maximize the amount of information they absorb. Unlike some online videos that last 30 minutes or more, Study Edge videos are average about X minutes in length, in keeping with the latest research on…

Easy to use, easy to watch:

Study Edge videos are easy to navigate and easy to watch. We minimize distractions and make it possible for students to make eye contact with our Study Experts throughout the video—a feature research suggests enhances learning and retention. As the Study Experts work through problems on video, students can also follow along using our customized note shells.

100% customized

Study Edge customizes our instructional videos according to each partner’s academic standards. Tailor-made for each partners’ learning goals, our videos cover everything students need to know to succeed.

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